after May Swenson

I will mount
a bright horse.

I will know what it is
to shift and quicken.

I will hound ahead
without with or roof.

Where I will go
(eager door, cloud-thicket, in),
my hide will ride.

Body my fallen sky,
my treasure-dog,

be good when dead.
Hunt without danger or sleep.

Body, when you are all
I can do, how I will lie.

How I will house the wind
in my eye.

Claire Wahmanholm's poems most recently appear in, or are forthcoming from, Bennington Review, The Collapsar, Newfound, New Poetry from the Midwest 2016, Bateau, Queen Mob's Tea House, Memorious, Handsome, Best New Poets 2015, Elsewhere, BOAAT, Winter Tangerine, and DIAGRAM. Find her online at