from Saint X

                                           Do immortal creatures exist?

Part of me has lived forever
part of me is already dying

when I wade into the late August
stink of a pond I must touch again
some part of last summer's algae bloom

how exhausting to start and start again
better to continue

flea eggs live dormant in the sofa
through winter's long cool
and hatch in May

an invasion
never sleeps

if I were glass would I also
be ocean would I also be
driftwood a doorframe

if the same bit of ocean
licks my skin twice
does the fabric of the universe tear

and make a new gash
for me to walk through

how long must I stay
in the universe's outer threshold

what will it sound like
when I leave

Caroline Cabrera is author of Saint X, winner of the Hudson prize and forthcoming from Black Lawrence Press in January 2018. Her previous collections include The Bicycle Year, Flood Bloom, and the chapbook Dear Sensitive Beard. She is editor of Bloom Books from Jellyfish and lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.