by Jon Boisvert

like a poem has to be
weird & true
like a severed dog
head on a table
licking its nose
in a lab in Russia
or a scientist
(in Russia)
putting citric acid
on a dead dog's nose
marking on a clipboard
how many times
he could get the dead
tongue to come
out & lick it off
like a blind date
weird and true
you just had brain
surgery and something
happened and you're
suing? how interesting
or like a form letter
from your landlord
taped to the door
the poem makes you
have to do something
like hide the bunnies
& sweep up their shit
buy shampoo & soap
to leave around
so they'll believe
you have a job
it alerts us
the weird & true
makes you note
the nearest exit
or think of which item
in your pockets
would make
the best weapon
I once watched
Eric Sprague
the Lizard Man
snort a tiny lightbulb
up his nose & pull it
out his mouth
then he turned it on
and left it on
his living tongue
& opened & closed
his mouth like
a lighthouse
& not one person
thought to punch him
in the face & break it
though we all love
that sound