Letter from the Editors

This is a special issue for Birdfeast. It's our tenth, which is special in its own right; after three years of publishing poetry, we're crossing into double digits. That's three years' worth of poetry that we've been proud and honored to have published, three years of support and love from writers we admire, three years of amazement at the fact that we're still here.

But we don't want our tenth issue to be just another marker of time. The editors at Birdfeast believe that to move forward, we need change. And for right now, that change is coming in what we publish.

For the first ten issues, Birdfeast has been an online journal of poetry. For the next ten (or 16, or 43) we aim to be a journal of poetic writing.

Starting now, we are opening submissions up to all forms of writing; send us your poetry, fiction, nonfiction, essays, love letters, hate letters, recipes, grocery lists. Send us work that fits neatly into a genre, or work that resists boxes and labels. We won't separate pieces into genres within issues; we're interested in the writing itself, not its category. We're interested in what happens to a piece of writing when it's left to stand on its own.

Thank you to everyone who has trusted us with their work over the years, especially those contributors from our first issue and their blind faith in us. We have even bigger plans for the future, but for now, those are secret.

Jess & David