This Is How To Be Good

for M

by Kati Mertz

Go back to being an anchor

not an architect You know how

I almost fall trying to find the tops

of things      like trees      like time

like me & time in the tallest tree

Drinking coffee in our hands & trying

not to be insufferable this early

Talk to me about sinuses      how

to be naked as a window & proud

Lousy with citrus candles & hating

every moment      I met a blind cat

sniffing a fedora      a silver timepiece

So refined      I felt like taking a chainsaw

apart to know the full extent

of my inadequacies      In a meadow

we don't mention running      cowboys

in the West      how like our eyes are

without realizing      Instead

we are wearing sweaters      breathing

like animals      waiting with stars

behind our knees & dreaming

of more sandwiches for tomorrow

Promise me we will be always

singing for no reason      Memorizing

the sway of breezes manufactured

just for us      For we are trying so hard

to be something silly & good      whatever

that means      Probably      Hopefully

Something important