Regarding Pilgrims

by Sarah Jean Grimm

BIG BANG> I am a useful theory if you are
wanting to feel like a miraculous insect. If you are
asking questions, I am offering answers. Only
you are not asking if I have questions of my own.
I want to find out what I came here to know. That
is, I want to discover my initial condition. I am a
point on a line in a circle and I could be drawn
anywhere. Stop putting me smack in the middle
under bright lights that make me tremble and sweat.
I hate to be the center of attention.

UNIVERSE> I am starved for stimulation. I
am so hungry I could eat a moon. I am completely
against the consumption of horses, but I can admit
my own hypocrisy. There are hooves in the glue I
daily use to keep myself together. I am made up of
tiny fragments in temporary cohesion, but they
are biding their time for a day when I will not be
looking. They are waiting for their big break. I
can taste their excitement each time I say the
word scatter.

LITTLE PLANET> I've had another message from
the bees. They want their honey back. At all times,
I can hear them debating their little notions of
consequentialism. They are threatening to leave this
world for another. They are building structures like
space craft and calling them hives. They are filling
them up with model citizens and ancient languages
and preparing for a long pilgrimage. I don't know
where else to turn for pollination and I am on the
verge of losing my good looks.