Moro Embrace

The lake is flying,
a combination
of summer flounder
& thunder cloud
singing praise to
the mother, the
movement, the
murder. Collapse
into it, balloon at
downtime, flora
of the flame. Swim
like a fish walking
on water, hide your
name beneath its
skin, fracture its
life with your soles.



Listen. The past holds the answer.
Listen. It hisses,
I, too, have small children.

Cry your husband's name
into the mouth of the sea.
The air will curve with murderous

appeal: moondrive,
blue death. Slice his body.
His bones will pass

for shrapnel. The fields
are treated with light.
And the air? And the plow?

Listen still. Even God
was overwhelmed
by his son—hoist him.

Karissa Morton holds an MFA from Bowling Green State University where she currently teaches courses in creative writing & composition. Her recent work can be found in The Paris-American, Indiana Review, ILK, & The Rumpus, among others.