Explodes the Dream of a Zoo

Above the mule's head explodes the dream
of a zoo. Whole notes are held in the nude.
I find the myth to explain this is just
a shopping list of prophetic voices
underwater or heard through a mirror
darkly, as if angels sing harkly in spite
of their black matter existence. Keep this
piece of ontology, crumple that one

down into a cannonball-sized spitball.
Make secret plans to throw the good fight
into the pool of sunlight loitering
perpetually in the middle of my
apartment's courtyard. It's hard to be here.
A newborn just stares through the air.

Anthony Opal is Editor of The Economy and Co-Editor of TAG. His poems can be found in Poetry, Boston Review, Sixth Finch, Notre Dame Review, and elsewhere. He lives near Chicago with his wife and daughter. [anthonyopal.com]