H as an ideogram for taking flight

by Chris Emslie

All your hieroglyphs are feathered / It's so appropriate it makes me sick / Head of vulture / Head of spoonbill / Head of pintail duck / If you know where I'm going with this / Raise a wing / I am twenty variations on beginning with god / Enthroned zoetrope of heads and missing limbs / I do not blame you / Inconsistency is a hard sin to love / I gave up blaming the ocean / Because we are not sailors / We are whole hosts of escape / Never breaching salt water / It is so cold / Being always an object in the sky / Without worship's cobalt fizz / At least I have laid down phonetics / Primitives shouting at you in the dark / Is there an elsewhere left for you / O inopportune sun / Tracing figure eights in light / I know you won't believe me / When I tell you / There are texts that have excluded me / My ninth alias is contested / You must carry on / Like hurt has never touched you / Or like gravity is still theory