John Silver breaks bread

but be contented when that fell arrest
because all of us need saving, Jim.
my hands are only half the city
they once were. the rivers flooded
with warm merlot one night, son.
these hands were all i had to save.
street vipers gave word to lite us
because my best friend wrapped
in cot couldn't get out alive, i swear.
because night was colder then
& he came to me, head in hands.
his own son's clothes all cinders—
because we can't save everyone,
Jim, because we can't all eat alone.

RJ Ingram lives in Oakland & is studying poetry at Saint Mary's College of California where he is the managing editor of MARY: A Journal of New Writing & a social media editor for Omnidawn Publishing. His three legged cat Brenda lives in North Carolina & wakes up exactly at 7am every morning demanding at least a complete hour of attention from her other daddy. Follow RJ @RJEquality